NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: Climb to Mount Hamiguitan is temporarily close. Just wait for further notice.

50th (Golden) Founding Anniversary Celebrations… Opening Ceremonies, May 23, 2016 @ Municipal Hall Ground


May 23, 2016


50TH Founding Anniversary

Opening Ceremony

Municipal Hall Ground

Today, with Gods Grace, May 23, 2016 we start the 30 – day’s activities of the Golden Founding Anniversary of our town, San Isidro and it culminates on June 23, 2016. To celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the inscription of our Mount  Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Beginning today, May 23rd up to June 30th, there will be daily activities that will be managed by heads and personnel of our Municipal Offices:

  • Social services of the 1st week
  • Linggo ng Kalikasan the 2nd week
  • All sports and Search of Mutya ng Kalikasan 3rd week
  • And Pasidungog/parangal for those who passed on to us the touch of responsibility

To make San Isidro a fulfillment of their dreams and ideals.

With the weekly activities sectors from: the indigenous community, the schools – primary to high schools to college, the farmers, fisher folks, business sector and all other communities for the 16 barangays all are trying to look back into the past 50 years by documenting the traditions, practices and cultures not only of the Lumads of this town but also those brought to us here by the families who came from the Visayas, Luzon and other provinces of Mindanao.

This is very important because we have preserve and conserve the “Soul of our TOWN”. It will help solidity the identity of San Isidro especially on its well-known stand in the protection of the environment which has led to the inscription of Mount Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary as UNESCO World Heritage Site and ASEAN HERITAGE PARK, in June 23, 2014 and October 31, 2014, respectively.

For us to move forward, we must not forget the past because the past is a vital wheel towards progress.

All of you who have worked with the Local Government when San Isidro was young will attest to the fact that them, everyone tried to work for the betterment of the lives of everyone of every family.

So on June 19th is our Gawad Parangal & Pasidungog to our past leaders, sectors and other citizens who have unselfishly extended / given their share of plans, work and concerns which has helped San Isidro be where it is now.

We are trying to look back into the past 50 years by documenting our town and people`s growth so that on San Isidro`s 100th centennial celebration, the towns history will remain intact as in sure most of us who are here now will no longer see us celebrate San Isidro 100th years Anniversary.

Let me tell you the conversation I had with Governor Corazon Malanyaon last May 4, 2016 standing at the foot of Eco Park while waiting for President Aquino and his Party to arrive for the inauguration of Mount Hamiguitan’s natural science museum.

She said: Tina you are very lucky because after today, San Isidro will not be the same again you and your people should be making a mark, take advantage of the opportunities before you now San Isidro is the doorway to Davao Oriental tourism industry .Dahican Beach will never be a world Heritage site. My Aliwagwag Falls in Cateel will never be a World Heritage Site. There will only be one UNESCO World Heritage Site and only one ASEAN Heritage Park in Davao Oriental and it is here in your San Isidro.

Tell your people to move, help your town to be in the mainstream of Tourism. As tourism industry is now a universal tool for economic/human progress and development.

I could only silently wish Governor Malanyaon’s outlook for San Isidro can be felt, shared and understood by all of you who are here this morning.

Of course, I am sure we are proud San Isidro people but much as I, your Mayor wish so hard to make our town grow as fast as possible there are certain gray areas, certain sectors, who are so slow to grow.

There are some in my executive wing who are not pro-active thinkers, a few can not understand that NOW we should be making a MARK and taking advantage of the opportunities Mount Hamiguitan is offering us.

How I wish all of you’re my co-workers will be pro-active thinkers. Be dreamers too for how the events are bringing us new ideas to be made into realities for a flourishing San Isidro. How I wish all of the heads of offices who are co-workers of the Mayor will see and understand that all I plan for San Isidro is growth progress and continuing/sustaining development to be equal with the rest of the growing towns.

I wish some of my executive partners is our officers will see the visions, hopes and dreams of your Mayor. Do not be dampers instead offer wise suggestion, offer alternatives, fast solutions work with me. Do not look at things & solutions in your books and then close the pages suggesting no answers, no solutions anyway.

Don’t look at your Mayor’s ideas, plans and programs as it is. Instead look at my ideas plans and programs, as what it could be and as what it should be as beneficial to people.

Bear in mind that I want all of us to be together in all aspects of development each one of you and the families we serve and work for.

I am given by the grace of God a few more years to work for San Isidro. I ask each one of you to help me imagine what future we want for San Isidro and I ask you why don’t we build that future now? As we celebrate the golden age of San Isidro, let us all journey together making this a town of our dreams and home of dreams fulfilled.

Thank you and I now declare the month long golden anniversary activities of San Isidro officially opened..!!!


Municipal Mayor